The Binding Caucus

Binding Caucus: What is it?

The Binding Caucus has slipped into the room as an unspoken gag rule used to keep your legislators in line, resorting to the unnecessary punishments that Mr. Stevens alluded to above. The Binding Caucus masquerades as bipartisanship, as it introduces both Republicans and Democrats; yet, what we’re seeing in terms of implementation is a scenario where legislators are being reserved chairmanships that control the flow of a committee’s agenda, the agenda that entails your interest as a resident of the State of Alaska. 


When Gary Stevens attempts to fear monger with statements like, “Those who demand an end to the binding caucus have no idea the chaos they would face without such basic rules.”

(Stevens, Cordova Times) he’s really hoping that you drop the subject at hand so that him, and the other officers of the binding caucus can resume their business of power plays. We bicker at our national politicians and our state legislators for lethargic behaviors, and some of that is certainly justified - but punishing colleagues for not fast tracking your personal concepts, isn’t democratic, in fact it is the antithesis of democracy. If I were left with only two options, I would choose the slow legislature any day over the mob rule of the binding-caucus.


Here at the Cox campaign, we have nothing to lose. Not because of an incumbency, but because we do not feel compelled to hide from the philosophy of political transparency - as this binding caucus has been operating behind closed doors. Better yet, I challenge you as the constituent to read the opinions of Gary Stevens and to try and process the common sense beneath his pompous language. You’ll see that he is his own enemy.