"What Do You Use Your PFD For?"

 "I plan ahead, so let's just say I need to do something, remodel or add an addition to my house. or build a new shed for lawn equipment, that type of stuff, I figure out the construction costs and budget it with the amount of money that we get with the PFD. The PFD is also a great resource for our younger population when it comes to contributing to our economy but also in regards to spending - they're able to quickly build their credit scores by using the PFD, so as they grow and contribute to the state, this will be another authenticator to gauge their responsibility as a citizen. People say that they use their PFD for heating, bills, water, utilities, etc., right? But they're using their credit alongside this, building air miles that help people who fly down to the lower 48. I'm getting ready to go to Kodiak, with the airmiles I've accumulated it's only going to cost me about $8 for a round trip ticket."

"Do You Foresee the Legislature Taking it All?" 

"If we do not make a change this election, I foresee the PFD completely gone. This, dismal $992 we got this time around, that was it. If we do not change the legislators right now, that will be the last PFD Alaskans ever got. And that is actually theft, they have literally stolen from us what is rightfully ours. Anybody who deals with finances knows that when you have money like that and you give it to the people of Alaska, what happens is they interject it back into the local economy and so the economy booms. Taking the PFD is wrong, and what's clear is that they're using it to fill a budget gap, okay? What happens next year? They're just going to keep expanding government with programs, and any program they develop - it's like a child, you feed it a little bit but wait next year, it's gonna be bigger, the following year after that? Bigger. And when it grows it demands more money. And where are they gonna get that money from? The people of Alaska's pocket."

Paid for by the committee to elect John R. Cox, PO Box 1092 Anchor Point, Alaska 99556