"What do you think of Alaskan Homelessness?"

"You first need to separate homelessness into what it actually is, which is in parts, some are mental issues which I think we need to address, and there are also others that are homeless as a result of drug and alcohol. I understand that alcoholism is a disease, but drug abuse of any other kind is by choice. I'm a firm believer in a helping hand, not a free handout, because I have to work to make my life as simple as possible - and I don't ask for help from anybody. I will help you, I will help you get cleaned, I will help you get back on your feet and squared away, but once you decide to continue on said path, that's your choice. You make your bed, you sleep in it.


You need to take responsibilities for your life, you could either devastate your family members and your friends by your choice, or you can take a look at your self in the mirror and stop your actions.


Homelessness has increased dramatically, it's put a lot of people out of work, drugs is a big deal here to the state of Alaska, it's easier to escape with drugs than it is to face reality.  The mind is weak, it really is, and once you escape reality and aren't willing to face it head on, then you'll be doomed by failure for the rest of your life - side affects will be homelessness and drug addiction."

"I've stated in the past that federal and state government need to function from their side of the sand, while privatization and personal business innovation is imperative for a successful community - this minimum expectation of the state has finally been taken under committee considerations.  The more than $800,000 in funds acquired by the federal government with Gov. Dunleavy's assistance, was given to the state under the expectation that we promulgate the creation of "youth action boards" to apply input to the distribution of said aid.

Some of you may find these boards to be useful and new while others may find this to be a perverse, additional hurdle.

Needless to say, we need to be making sure that legislators are updated with numbers and statistics that are within the years' reach, recommendations should be made to each and every borough and each and every legislator's office with the active expectation to lowering their district's homeless population. I intend to apply pressure to Kodiak once elected, so that these outdated statistics can be addressed properly. Alaskan's need to ask themselves, "Has homelessness always been this bad?" and, "Who have I been voting for all these years - and WHY".

"Where do we go from here?"

Why do we put effort in recording Alaskan homelessness only for the data itself to be squandered by the lack of identifying the individuals and recording interview entries?  

Paid for by the committee to elect John R. Cox, PO Box 1092 Anchor Point, Alaska 99556