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Time is running out

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I'll never quit on the people."

Quote of George Washington in a letter to Henry Knox...

  "Integrity & firmness is all I can promise—these, be the voyage long or short; never shall forsake me although I may be deserted by all men."  


The PFD:

Legislators must follow existing law. The PFD must be paid based on the existing historic calculation. I support a Constitutional Amendment to protect future PFDs. It is the only sure way to protect the peoples money. We are a nation of laws. Follow the current existing law governing the PFD payout. Period! 


Currently Alaskan teachers are on a retirement system called Defined Contributions. This means teachers in Alaska do not have social security deductions from their paychecks. They cannot collect it for the years they teach, and are penalized for any other years they earned. ( they can only collect 30% of what they are actually due for other years they paid into social security from another previous job. ) I support teachers voluntarily paying into social security if they choose.  The cost to the State is 6% matching funds which could be captured by lowering the current large education administration costs. 

The Binding Caucus Rule:

The binding caucus rule promoted by leadership in the senate, is the single reason why we continue to deficit spend. It is the core reason why a portion of the PFD was taken from the people. My opponent Senator Gary Stevens is supportive of both the Binding Caucus Rule, and supportive of grabbing your PFD as well. 


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